A little story about complete faith

As I wrote in an earlier post, his whole ‘grateful without the slightest doubt’ business is not the easiest thing to do – those ‘but what if’ thoughts tend to have a way of creeping up on us. I’ve found that not mulling over things, if at all possible, is the best way to have the things one wants.

My sister and I had been looking for a flat for a while, attending viewings etc, but nothing seemed to be quite right, or too expensive, or in a less than ideal location. One evening we were talking, and my sister asked, with a sigh of slight desperation, ‘when will we find a flat?’ Without think too much I responded ‘on Wednesday’. She said ‘ok, good’, and we moved on to talk about something else. I didn’t think more of it.

That Wednesday we went to a flat viewing, fell in love with the place, put in an application for it, and settled down to wait for a response we were told would come the day after. Ten minutes after we left the viewing the agent called and told us we got the flat! So, we didn’t just find the flat we wanted on Wednesday, we also secured the flat we wanted, on Wednesday!

This, of course, is not quite enough to get what one wants, there was a fair amount of Kriyashakti and praying done for the flat-wish before, but it seems the wish was waiting for us to decide on a delivery date, and Wednesday it was, because I didn’t rethink my decision, thereby changing the delivery date 🙂


This gratitude business is turning out fascinating, more updates will follow!!

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