HarmoniExpo – Day 2

The second and last day of HarmoniExpo is now over, and it was a happy, if a bit tired, group of Pranic Healers who enjoyed a celebratory meal afterwards. The second day of the expo was as wonderful and filled with people as the first one, many eager visitors asking questions and commenting on their own experiences with the scanning and the treatments. Many people were very interested in learning about scanning and feeling energy themselves, and we continued to scan the energies of the hands, and the flowers.

Kari teaching the basics of scanning to two visitors.

In the stall next to us they did aura photography, and some of the healers in our group decided to take ‘before and after’ pictures of themselves (which I will add here if I have the chance). The results were brilliant, on many levels – in both cases the energies and the aura became brighter, bigger and more centred! Big yay for co-operation between methods!

We also had a lot of interest in the further study of Pranic Healing, and visitors who wanted to know more about if we have courses on the spiritual meaning of the pineal gland (yes, we do) and on kundalini energy (yes for that one too)! All the information is available, once one has completed the basic set of courses 🙂

As we had treatments happening almost throughout the day, people would often stop and ask about what ‘all this waving’ is about, why we have a box of water in the stall and whether one needs to be born with this gift 🙂 SOme visitors who received treatment had very strong reactions – one woman came back the next day to tell about how her experience of the cleansing effect had continued even after the treatment was finished!

As yesterday, we also had time to do some healing for each other in between doing healing for visitors, and we got to both do ‘maintenance healing’ on each other so that we stayed energised and effective for the visitors. Ali also wanted to see if it feels different to have healing done with crystals or without.

Fanny cleansing the back heart and back solar plexus chakras for Ali, trying out the difference between healing with crystals and healing without them.

We also did ‘double healing’ to really test our powers – one healer treating the back and the other treating the front! Luxury treatment!

Ali and Fanny doubling up for doing some scanning and cleansing exercises on Shilpa.

Working at the expos is a wonderful opportunity to really have an intense pranic healing practice, and talking about the teachings and practices makes them even clearer to oneself! And spending two days with an amazing group of pranic healers like this gives one a brilliant opportunity for practice on people who can give immediate feedback (both colleagues and visitors) and help us refine our healing skills even more! It is also one of the nicest ways to do service!

Now the expo is done and dusted for this time, time to take these experiences and start preparing for the next expo in Helsinki in February!

The Happy group from today’s expo – The Finnish/Swedish Pranic Healers!

HarmoniExpo – Day 1

Today was day one of HarmoniExpo, the largest expo for alternative therapies in Sweden. Pranic Healing Finland and Sweden got together to bring Pranic Healing to the expo, and I arrived from Finland on Saturday mid-day to find a busy stall, lots of healing being done, and people asking questions and getting answers! Ali, the organiser in Sweden, and Kari and Katja from Finland had already set up the night before, and the stall was filled with books, FOL-TOL stickers, lavender-alcohol spray bottles and informative posters.

The Pranic Healing table, with informative video playing, fascinating books and leaflets, and real and fake flowers for scanning exercises.

Throughout the day we talked to people about Pranic Healing, answered many interesting questions and did some simple scanning exercises to show people how everyone can feel the energy of their hands, and of other objects like flowers. As the visitors to an expo like this often have some information about energies or other kinds of treatment, we made good use of the images on the walls showing the locations of the chakras and the energy bodies. We also did some chakral profiling for people, to demonstrate how we do scanning and what kind of information we can gather from the scanning, and how that information helps in making the healing more efficient.

Katja explains about chakras, here talking about the heart chakra.

Kari and the Pranic Healing table.

At the Pranic Healing stall we had visitors from many parts of the world, and even people who had done Pranic Healing before but who had, for some reason or other, not done any PH for a long time. There were many happy faces when we told them there is an increasing amount of Pranic Healing activities and Twin Hearts Meditations going on in Stockholm now! And a very happy Ali too!

A happy organiser Ali!

Later in the day, when there were a few quieter moments, we did some healing on each other. It seems Pranic Healers never get tired of healing 🙂

In the quieter moments we did healing for each other.

And proved that doing Pranic Healing does not always have to be all serious faces…

A very excited Pranic Healer!

About an hour before the expo closed we suddenly realised we had not eaten much for lunch and that we were all getting rather hungry. Being a busy and excited with the healing and talking meant we had not noticed the time flying! However, eventually the physical body required its physical sustenance, which came in the form of absolutely delicious Indian food made by another Pranic Healer. A very good ending to a very good day, and a very good preparation for another equally good day tomorrow!