“Follow simple instructions”

Anyone who has taken a Pranic Healing course will have heard these words. Follow simple instructions. This captures perfectly one of the things I love about Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga – on the winding, long, sometimes thorny path that spiritual development can be, we are spared a lot of trouble thanks to the people who went before, made the mistakes, tried out a lot of various ways and can now help us make at least fewer mistakes. We are given instructions for how to help ourselves and the people around us to be more healthy, we are given tools for relationship improvement, for material abundance, for protection and empowerment.

But still there are people who attend the workshops, yet keep having the same problems that they had years before. Of course, sometimes the law of karma is at play, and then things become more complicated. But sometimes it simply of case of not doing what we know we should: follow simple instructions.

As an experiment, try scanning the basic chakras of the people who, year after year, say “I really should eat healthier/exercise more/meditate more/do more self-healing/stick to my arhatic routine/you name it. You’ll notice they are most likely very weak. Mine is a prime example of this at times, and those are the times when I find myself not getting anything done. If you’ve done even the Basic Pranic Healing workshop you’ll know that the solution to this is to cleanse and energise the basic chakra. The basic chakra is the centre for dynamic activities, the chakra of action (“The Chakras and their Functions”, Master Choa Kok Sui, 2009, p. 35).

But here’s what I’ve run into – in order to be more productive I need to strengthen my basic chakra. In order to do that I need to actually get my salt water bucket and do some healing. But with a weak basic chakra I’m less likely to do that and more likely to watch Big Bang Theory for three hours straight. This makes me feel like I’m wasting the gift that it Pranic Healing.

A dear friend of me once suggested I watch some videos of David Allen, a very popular American productivity consultant. Imagine the basic chakra on that guy! It took me a good few months to actually get down to watching that video – somehow I didn’t seem to have 20 minutes to watch the video… But today I did, and Mr Allen had some very good tips on how to get around that procrastination. I have a feeling I’ll be watching this video many many times…

Of course, watching this video will not remove all procrastination, but it’s another tool on the toolbox. The way I see it, in taking on a project like my own procrastination, it’s a step-by-step process, where I can use many different tools, one after another, and they’ll all support each other. I can watch the video and be inspired by it, then use that inspiration to energise my basic chakra, then use that energy to start that list that David is talking about, then use the sense of control to be calm enough to do a meditation, then use that energy to do a couple of things off that list, which will in turn strengthen my basic chakra. And the plan is to keep going like this. With that flow going I will more likely do the other things I’ve been “shoulding” or wanting for so long – exercise, removing obstructing thought forms, reading The Lord of the Rings, doing self healing so I wouldn’t need my glasses anymore, really progressing on my PhD, writing in this blog more often, doing kriyashakti for the right partner to have a family with and so on and so forth.

We’ll see how it goes!

Pranic Healing på jobbet

Pranic Healing är inte bara bra för att behandla sjukdomar och stress. Det är ypperligt för att klara av knepiga situationer på jobbet också. Det finns en hel uppsjö av saker man kan göra för att underlätta och här ger jag några vinkar om vad man kan göra. Allt har jag själv testat och det fungerar 🙂

Jobbiga relationer?

Då är det relationshealing som gäller. Vanlig hederlig behandling, välsignelser och kristall-healing gör susen. Ibland snabbt, ibland tar det lite mer tid. Pranic skydd kan också vara matnyttigt i vissa lägen. Pranic kriyashakti hjälper också, om du kan det. Prana-andning lugnar om du är upprörd.

Oinspirerande plats?

Putsa energin, och energisera enligt behov. Mantror är också praktiska för detta ändamål. Kan du Pranic Feng Shui, kolla om det är nåt du ännu kan optimera. Kriyashakti kan du också ta till för att förbättra situationen.

Problem med att få nåt framåt, eller är det något som strular hela tiden?

Putsa, putsa, putsa, även på känslomässig nivå om du kan det. Energisera. Välsignelser är också bra. Kriyashakti fungerar också här.

Ja-a, det är nog mera din egen fantasi som är begränsningen på vad du kan göra. För om du har gått grundkursen har du redan redskapen. Med mer avancerade kurser kommer mer avancerade verktyg, men grunduppsättningen förblir densamma.

Lycka till och trevlig arbetsdag!