A Simple Forgiveness & Releasing Technique

Excerpts from public lecture of Master Stephen Co on the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi: A Treatise on Inner Alchemy and Transformation following the full moon meditation (June 25/26, 2010).

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For those who missed the video or audio streams, here is an important part of the lecture, lovingly & generously shared to one and all.
First, we have to understand that we are souls and are here on earth today, shaped by lessons learned from previous experiences, to learn more lessons in order to evolve. Evolution, however, involves time, process, and (lots of) mistakes. Hence, we all make mistakes.

Saint Francis of Assisi

From the alchemical interpretation of the lines of the prayer of Saint Francis of Asissi, “where there is hatred let me sow love, where there is injury let me sow pardon and forgiveness”, Master Stephen Co teaches us this simple technique as taught by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui.

(Mudra is to put hands together on the heart; visualize in front of you someone you want to forgive & let go; inhale & exhale slowly; focus on your heart & crown chakras). Say the following sincerely:

Namasté, Namasté, Namasté.

The spiritual being within me acknowledges there is a spiritual being within you. (This part is important when you forgive. The realization here is that we are all spiritual beings who are in the process of evolving).

Namasté, the I AM within me acknowledges the I AM presence within you.

The child of God within me honors the child of God within in you. Namasté. (Visualize his/her body disappearing and all you see is brilliant light for you are addressing at the soul level)


The divinity in me salutes the divinity in you.

Atma, Namasté.

We are all children of God.

We are all in the process of evolving.

Evolution involves time, process, and lots of mistakes.

I had my share of mistakes and learned from them.

So can you. I wish you the same.

God’s peace and love be with me.

God’s peace and love be with you.

You are completely forgiven. (3x)

May you be blessed with inner peace, inner healing.

May you be blessed with spiritual transformation & spiritual maturity.

God’s blessing be with you.

May you spiritually grow and evolve.


You are completely forgiven.

Go in peace.

I completely release you.

So be it.

Atma, namasté.

Go in peace. (Be stil. Be aware. Let the energy flow. Take a deep breath. Exhale and release.)

Cut cut cut! (Do this cutting action with both hands like you’re cutting links in front of you)

I release you.

Note: Repeat this exercise as many times as you like. It’s the energetic way of releasing and letting go.

Resentments can get stuck in the chakras, and go deeper & deeper into the astral body then the mental body. Without letting go and forgiveness, spiritual development is difficult. You will keep hitting roadblocks (which are basically your angers & resentments) to success. Move on with your life. Learn your lessons. Let go of the past so you can continue to live.

Excerpts from public lecture of Master Stephen Co on the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi: A Treatise on Inner Alchemy and Transformation following the full moon meditation (June 25/26, 2010).

A little story about complete faith

As I wrote in an earlier post, his whole ‘grateful without the slightest doubt’ business is not the easiest thing to do – those ‘but what if’ thoughts tend to have a way of creeping up on us. I’ve found that not mulling over things, if at all possible, is the best way to have the things one wants.

My sister and I had been looking for a flat for a while, attending viewings etc, but nothing seemed to be quite right, or too expensive, or in a less than ideal location. One evening we were talking, and my sister asked, with a sigh of slight desperation, ‘when will we find a flat?’ Without think too much I responded ‘on Wednesday’. She said ‘ok, good’, and we moved on to talk about something else. I didn’t think more of it.

That Wednesday we went to a flat viewing, fell in love with the place, put in an application for it, and settled down to wait for a response we were told would come the day after. Ten minutes after we left the viewing the agent called and told us we got the flat! So, we didn’t just find the flat we wanted on Wednesday, we also secured the flat we wanted, on Wednesday!

This, of course, is not quite enough to get what one wants, there was a fair amount of Kriyashakti and praying done for the flat-wish before, but it seems the wish was waiting for us to decide on a delivery date, and Wednesday it was, because I didn’t rethink my decision, thereby changing the delivery date 🙂


This gratitude business is turning out fascinating, more updates will follow!!

Accept the good that comes to you!

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I find that a lot of the people on the spiritual path have a real knack for helping others – always willing to give, assist, give advice, lend a helping hand, do what they can. We are always willing to do healing for others, help older people with physically strenuous things they can no longer do themselves, help busy parents with the things they don’t have time for, help friends with knowledge and skills we have and they don’t.

The odd things here is, we’re all very excited about the whole karma thing, we know that when we help other we get help too, but when push comes to shove many seem unwilling to accept the good when it arrives!

I want to point out here that this doesn’t necessarily apply when it comes to something we have wished for specifically, like a new car or a house. But when it comes to the little things, a little extra money, a little help around the house, then we get suspicious. ‘That can’t be it, there must be some catch…’ On this note, I just read a Donald Duck cartoon where an on rich woman wanted to give her extra money (just a simple 10,000€) to someone in need, but everyone, from Donald to Daisy and from Scrooge to Grandma, had varying reasons to suspect the money wasn’t really free, so they refused it and the old woman had to keep her money.

The Universe works in mysterious ways, and yes, sometimes there might be a small catch to the things that pop up in our lives, but I think we could all benefit from the occasional acceptance of a helping hand, someone who offers to do the dishes for us while we’re busy with an seemingly unsurmountable workload, or someone who offers to pay us for that little favour we did for them even though we didn’t ask to get paid. Yes, we might hear about those dishes a umber of times in the future, and we might be asked for a favour again, but what is more important – our pride in not needing anyone’s help, or accepting that we have done a lot for other people and deserve to have others do something for us?


For those of you who have had the pleasure to attend the GMCKS Kriyashakti workshop (and for anyone who has read Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’, or Sonia Choquette’s ‘Your Heart’s Desire’ or any other books about the manifesting power of thoughts and actions), the concept of gratitude as an important part of the ‘manifesting mix’ will be familiar. I have always considered myself a pretty grateful person, I realise that I’m pretty darn lucky to have the life I have, I feel grateful for little things like a pretty mug of tea or a good book or a warm duvet on a cold winter’s night. Or a good friend, a lovely family and the fact that I have grandparents to talk to.

But despite this I had to realise, after a lot of wondering why my wishes weren’t coming true, that I might still be lacking in the gratitude department. While I’m good at being grateful for the things I have, physically, in my life (although I guess more can always be better :P), I seem to hold back when it comes to being grateful for the things I wish for – more money, a wonderful husband, a nice home, that top I saw in a shop the other day, that huge book with the beautiful pictures of Catholic art that costs a minor fortune. It’s like my worrying gets in the way of gratitude and halts the process.

How I came to realise this? Well, after a bit of frustration, the odd moan about how ‘nothing works’ and the final ‘right, Universe, what’s the hold up!’ I started thinking of the things that actually did work, the times I did get what I wanted. One thing, as small as it may sound now, was my shoes. Months ago I started thinking of getting new shoes, my old ones were starting to fall apart, and I knew exactly what I wanted but couldn’t find them anywhere. So I googled around a bit, trying to find the kind of trainers I had in mind, and finally I came up with a number of images that together made up what I wanted – white, thin soled, light trainer with the sort of 70s style red and blue stripes on the side.

I put these images in a word document, saved it, and more or less forgot about the thing. A couple of months later I was walking through shops, not looking for anything in particular, and I saw the shoes, exactly as I had imagined them. And they were on sale! At that moment I was very happy i hadn’t rushed it and bought a pair online for about five times the price I paid for these 😀 I believe the reason the shoes materialised was that, as I forgot about the show wish, I didn’t stop the materialisation with my worrying about it, but let the whole thing play out on its own.

The second part of my realisation came from good grades at university. I’ve never been a rubbish students, and got really good grades about half of the time, but I could never really figure out what I did differently in those assignments and exams where I got really good marks and those I did ok in. Well, at my uni we had an Arab Culture Day last spring, and they have away prayer beads, tasbih. I have since learned that they can be used to recite the 99 beautiful names of Allah, but the simple explanation given at the Culture Day was that you go through the beads and thank Allah with every bead. I immediately felt very happy with my prayer beads, and decided to try them out before an exam. The result was that I got the highest mark I have ever received in an exam at uni. So I tried it again for the next exam. Same result. I tried it for a friend’s exam. Same result. Seems I had finally found my way to gratitude! 😛

Now you may wonder, do I have everything in my life that I want, now that I found this magic way? No. Because since I realised this, I have been too scared of the magic in the beads failing me, that I haven’t really even used them for anything. But this will change now. I have now publicly written that I will give it a shot, so I guess I can’t run and hide anymore. Bring it on. 

We are only instruments

When I do healing, I sometimes find myself floundering, feeling like I’m too small for the task I’m doing. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced this feeling – when you start thinking you have to do one more round of general cleansing, one more set of three sweeps on a chakra, and then just one more and one more, because you don’t trust that you sweeping is really getting the chakra clean.

I have noticed this only happens when I forget that it’s not actually me doing the healing, that I am only the instrument for the healing, and the actual healing is being done by a range of beings much more proficient in energy manipulation than my incarnated mind in its present state. What a relief!

I also noticed this happened mostly when I was trying to rush straight into a healing session from somewhere else, without taking time to ‘switch’ into ‘energy mode’. The solution I found was to take a minute (yes, it might feel long at first but trust me, it’s worth it) before starting to just sit still, eyes closed, take a few deep breaths and try to feel the divine presence around me. Sometimes I even silently ask ‘anyone there?’, and most of the time, after a few deep breaths, I’m aware enough to get a sense of a circle of beings around me! Seems even divine beings like a bit of humour 😛

Only after this do I do the formal invocation, after first having established a connection with Master and the other helping beings (without a connection and an awareness the invocation becomes just a formality). If I do this at the beginning of the healing session, even if I happen to lose the awareness occasionally during the session, I can get it back in a matter of seconds when I notice myself scrubbing the same chakra for a disproportionate amount of time 🙂