Focus On Oneness

I am probably touching a topic that I have not enough knowledge of. Never the less I can still speak of my personal experience no matter how “blue-eyed”, as we express gullibility in Finnish, it is.

I recently visited Israel and was surprised how many cultures and religions and different divisions of a same religion live peacefully side by side on such a small piece of land respecting each other and doing business together. There are always a few fanatics who mess up the records and these events get broadcasted from a certain political angle. People are still living their lives as usual but need of course to be more aware of the situation.

I for myself will try to improve my perception before jumping into conclusions about people belonging to a certain nation or religious group. It is much more profitable to concentrate on how alike we all are and how similar our needs still are. In the Old City little boys were pointing at us like they were shooting at us with their fingers. An elderly man with his shop signalled them not to. All business was suffering due to the unfortunate recent events in Israel. The merchant had a more mature perspective and his several colleagues along the streets seemed to be simply tired with the situation.

Of course it is difficult to understand the peaceful wishes of a nation where women are required to spend two years in the army. However, our hostess had passed that time mostly helping Palestinians at the control points. And I don’t think I’ve ever before been pointed at with a real gun. I just walked by a guard whose gun happened to point my way for a split of a second but it still felt uncomfortable. Yet, the shops sold T-shirts with texts like “See peace, hear peace, speak peace.”

We visited a museum where there was a quote by Menachem Begin (1913 – 1992 ) where he said that if he wishes to be remembered for something let it be preventing a civil war from taking place. A good leader and surely not the only Jewish one.

The Western or Wailing Wall happened to have lots of joy the day we visited as they had some inaugural feast going on. No chaos or suffering but loads of happiness. People were hugging and laughing together. Hopefully it will sooner than later also happen on a greater scale around the city and the entire country.

A quote in a sign by the Western Wall entrance:
“My House Is A House of Prayer…For All Peoples.”
Isaiah 56:7

The Old City of Jerusalem has over 50 churches in the area of 0,9km. Considering the amount of spiritual people working and practising in that space I think they are all doing an amazing job!


Peaceful artwork under an olive tree in the Gethsemane Garden

In honour of Master/Acharya Daphne Bigcas

(the way my limited mind recollects the topic)

Thank God I was blessed with enough understanding to participate the two lecture nights given by M. Daphne in March 2009, Helsinki. She was on her way to teach in Italy.

M. Daphne mentioned about tithing, giving in advance where you need to go or what you need to do, so she paid her flight ticket to Finland herself. M. Daphne had just been lecturing somewhere privately to a Royal Family. She taught us about the importance of scheduling one’s life. A lesson that I think I am only starting to get now. I am sure she lived hers to the dot as Hannele’s email earlier today said that MCKS trusted M. Daphne to be the only woman who could successfully supervise the construction of the Arhatic Yoga Ashram in India.

In Singapore Convention (Wesak 2011) M. Daphne taught about the weaknesses and virtues which she said that Master used to give as a separate five day course. M. Daphne mentioned her mother was present at the Convention…may the souls that formed her family in this life be blessed with Divine light, love and power at this moment their daughter chose to move on. I was also immensely blessed to have given the chance to have participated in M. Daphne’s Health Expo troops by doing sample healings for the visitors.

I think it was also M. Daphne who lectured on an online video that we only pray God when we really really want something (probably instead of listening the voice of our Higher Souls telling us what we actually need.)  I think I’ve heard Hannele mention MCKS used to use M. Daphne to double check His scanning because she was so good at it. If I am not mistaken, the ability to scan accurately is said to be related to the ability to LISTEN.

What a remarkable lady living MCKS’ teachings. Hopefully, somewhere in time my soul can shine a fraction of the light what Master Daphne Bigcas’ light is. I hope this text has been written with enough of sincerity, humility and gratitude.

The first lesson learnt by Acharya Daphne:
List the 3 purposes of your life.

What are yours?

Personal Shopper

Moderation and non-excessiveness is one of the virtues. I wish I mastered it to a higher degree as sometimes I catch myself shopping to fill in an emotional gap. Luckily I have improved a lot.

Hopefully other pranic healer ladies are smarter than me and do not have the tendency to boost their self-esteem by shopping when feeling down or as a means to relaxation, or trying to postpone something that needs to be done…
Now a days I tend to invoke for protection from any shopping thought forms before stepping into a store. I also ask GMCKS to be present as a “Personal Shopper”. It works really well! Many times when I’ve been about to touch something I hear GMCKS a voice in my head “you don’t need it” or “you already have a similar blouse/bag/jewellery”.
In addition to saving money, by invoking before shopping you can save time. It helps heaps to invoke to be guided to the things you really need and that they will be on discount or reasonably priced. This also prevents you stealing time from yourself and spending time wandering around different shops in excess. Window shopping/retail therapy is still a form of stealing; namely stealing time from yourself.
I have actually stood in the fitting room three times during different weeks trying on the same jeans. I scanned if I can buy them and the answer was always the same: “no”.
When I told this to my mom she said I should scan more often. I also now understand much better why I wasn’t allowed. A person that previously gave me hard time had similar jeans and having a pair might have sub/consciously reminded me of this not so nice person.
I suppose it also depends one’s profession how many nail polishes or pairs of shoes you need. My best guess would be that people pay a lot less attention to each other’s accessories as they are too busy being concerned of their own decoration.
Of course it’s nice to treat yourself every now and then. We dot have to be ascetics as we live in the middle of the society, not in a monastery up in the mountains. However, in GMCKS’ terms it would probably have to be a REtreat to be a really worthwhile investment in his book.
When it’s time to leave your physical body “you can’t take even underwear with you”, as GMCKS put it. The real sources of joy in life are much longer lasting than a pair of jeans 🙂

Wholesome Spiritual Race

Master Choa Kok Sui said the spiritual development is not a competition. But maybe it could be taken as a spiritual race with our higher self and lower self.

Master Glenn Mendoza lectured about how there is this tiny moment in between choosing the right thing and the not so right thing to react. You basically know what is the correct behaviour (probably most of the time “let the matter pass”), emotion (just hum a couple of OMs) or thought (may person/situation be blessed…). But when the situations come the primary reaction might be too far from the guideline.

The race is a more productive one with yourself and GMCKS did give us tools. Already in Basic Pranic Healing you get a snapshot on the virtues as well as the yin and yang golden rule. The arhatics have a whole arsenal to enhance the control of the higher soul over our lower nature with its flaws and all. We were made I the image of God so we have a seed of that purity within us but it doesn’t grow on its own.

Loving your neighbour as you love yourself can be manifested better. A good competition can be beneficial for the development on many different levels. When you are pushed in a constructive atmosphere (group effort with fellow pranic healers) the challenges tend to be easier to tackle and you can share experiences. Love is much stronger than pride. So let us remember to keep the focus on self growth but also both give a hand and  be ready to receive help on the way to the mountain top.

Enjoy the race!


Many people are highly interest in becoming clairvoyant. In the beginning of my Pranic Healing path one of my main interests was clairvoyance. Having advanced a tad more on the path this urge has subsided greatly and here are some reasons why.

Not all that is out there is nice. Even if you can see something what more is there which remains “outside” your field of vision? It might completely change your interpretation if you saw that too. Sure butterflies are nicer to look at than spiders but that doesn’t cancel out spiders from existing.

Master Stephen Co told about a clairvoyant who provides services to celebrities in CA. This person always asks for a Pranic Healing before using her skills. Otherwise what is within her aura smudges the ability to see clearly the other person’s aura. An incorrect interpretation might ruin people’s lives. A friend’s partner asked help from a clairvoyant who told that my friend was cheating his partner. When my friend called the clairvoyant to rectify the details she got very upset and kept just claiming that her clairvoyance is accurate because she is a clairvoyant in 4th generation in her family. She seemed to be ok with taking on the karma of ruining people’s relationships.

Our beloved regular visiting teacher Vivek from the Netherlands told us that he sees more clearly mainly when he is giving the courses. There is a good purpose so his abilities are enhanced in order to allow safer and cleaner environment to practise during the courses.

There’s no shortcut to clairvoyance and the skill is hardly granted overnight. Do your eye exercises + local sweeping and practise Twin Hearts Meditation regularly. The pleasant fact with Pranic Healing is that everything has been tested for your safety and advantage: by following the simple rules your clairvoyance will with time develop safely and steadily. Also by practising the virtue of honesty and non-lying and refraining from twisting the truth verbally or in our thoughts allows us to see more clearly both internally and externally.

In the book The Origins of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, GMCKS writes that even the best of the best clairvoyants see only with 70% accuracy. That still leaves a failure rate of 30%. I don’t know about you, but for sure I am quite far from the best of the best. I truly trust there is a VERY good reason why Higher Clairvoyance has as a prerequisite to practise Arhatic Yoga level 1+2 courses first.

GMCKS has also stated that the ability of being clairvoyant has nothing to do with how evolved a soul is. Some people are good at drawing others in cross-country skiing or surfing. When GMCKS started he wanted two other persons to verify his scanning to be able to give an accurate result. So, let us keep practising scanning and let the ability of clairvoyance develop naturally!

Written by one who is still practising seeing air prana and quite happy not to see everything that we carry with us. When it’s the right time and the ability will serve a good purpose I know something more will be revealed to me 🙂

More about Higher Clairvoyance

Ignorance is NOT a bliss, but…

Sometimes it’s a bit burdening to know more. The responsibility that comes with the slightly enhanced level of awareness is something to be respected. You know why people behave the way they do what will follow and it’s not your job to correct them.

Your job is just to be more careful about what you think and say and feel because things tend to manifest more easily and the much much more aware guys upstairs are listening. You will be held responsible. For those less committed to spirituality it is ok for the time being to behave as they do as they are less aware of the cause and effect, the consequences of their chosen reactions. Rules get more strict when you want to step up the ladder to make sure that you get the lessons across faster. I am not saying this kind of person is better than everybody else. It’s just that at this point in this life he or she has chosen to make a commitment to spirituality.

It’s funny how it’s always so easy to spot what’s wrong in other people’s/friends’ actions and words. And you have to remain quiet. Maybe, when the time is right you can gently give a few nudges if they ask your opinion. Complete (crushing) honesty might cause a set back in any relationship. Few people can take criticism to their face, especially if it’s accurate and requires decent character building.

One teacher said we tell these little stories to ourselves the way it allows us to justify the deed to ourselves to reassure ourselves that we are not doing the wrong thing although deep down we know we are. At least some times I am able to catch myself in action but I bet there are times I’m completely ignorant to my stumbling on the path of the virtues. There’s always a greater level of being good at something – like awareness 🙂

Master Co often says: “You’ve seen too much to go back being who you were.” There have been moments when I have almost wished I was less aware so I could tell myself a story to justify my behaviour or emotions or thoughts getting out of control to the level which is no longer acceptable.

On my way to more accurate perception while respecting the rule of correct expression…

Plato’s Cave provides a related allegory to this topic.


Pranic Healer’s First Aid Kit

=   How to cool down the solar plexus chakra ASAP

OM whatever OM

“you are completely forgiven name, may God’s blessings be with me and be with you, go in peace”  x 7

Say 18 x Atma Namaste to the person who you let upset your feelings

12 x Pranic breathing cycles…or more 🙂

Recite Lord’s Prayer

The Great Invocation

Bless Pranic Healing to spread enthusiastically, rapidly and permanently (in your area/country/globally)

Say/think “Yes Master, Thank You Master” x 12

Twin Hearts Meditation

Help other people so you forget your issues

Smile 🙂

You name it 😉


Do I feel like cleansing my energy system each day?
– Most often not.

Do I always feel like scanning before doing the treatment?
– Err, no I do not.

Do I want to meditate every day?
– No 🙂

Then why do I still do it?
– For some weird reason that is still inconceivable to myself I have so far been blessed with enough of good karma to diligently follow the simple teachings.

And why do I “waste” my time if I don’t feel like following the simple teachings?
– Because regardless of my limited perception of whether the things work or not in the long run they do.

I plead guilty of expecting an easy cure most of the time to most of my flaws and ailments. And yet as I am the only person responsible for my life and how I choose to lead it there’s no other way but to stay hopeful and be as grateful as possible for the tiniest advancement.

Because that too brings about the snow ball effect. Gratitude for what I got is one of the greatest ingredients to build on and attract more favorable events and resources in to my life.

Because having it the higher way means staying closer to the middle path and prevents me from hurting myself more than necessary. It protects me from attracting more painful things into my life.

Pranic Healing does not give you things for free but gently forces you to take control over the things you’ve attracted to your life by your past choices.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said in the midst of his campaign:
I have so much to do today I will need to meditate twice as long.

Use the “Nike meditation” as your ally: JUST DO IT!
Even if you don’t feel like it.
It helps.

That’s why 🙂

Ylöspäin putoamisia

Täydenkuun aikaan ja ryhmässä tai muuten vain samaan aikaan useamman ihmisen kanssa tehdyissä meditaatioissa pääsee todennäköisemmin syvempään tilaan.

Tällä hetkellä menossa oleva kuukauden pituinen ihmissuhteiden parantamiseksi (ja Master Choan lähestyvän Maha Samadhin kunniaksi) päivittäin tehtävä Twin Hearts haaste tarjoaa taatusti vahvemmat energiat meditaatioille. Kannattaa ottaa haaste vastaan – paitsi tietenkin, jos kaikki ihmissuhteet ovat tip top kunnossa.

On jännittävää kuinka aikakäsitys meditaation hiljaisen ajan kestosta vaihtelee. Toisinaan on kuin se kestäisi pienen ikuisuuden ja toisinaan se vilahtaa ohi hetkessä. Melko usein käy niin, että juuri kun on putoamassa siihen oikein syvään tilaan meditaatio onkin jo ohi. Master Stephen Co:n käyttämä termi Spiritual Vacation hujahti ohi aivan liian nopeasti. Vähän niin kuin loma, jolta ei haluaisi ihan vielä palata takaisin arkeen.

Vaikka tietoisuutta kohotetaan korkeammalle ja korkeammalle, on aistimus energiakehojen tasolla enemmän putoamisen kaltainen. Liikkumista kovaa vauhtia paikallaan ja parhaimmissa tapauksissa rajattomasti joka suuntaan sitten, kun on päässyt henkisissä harjoituksissa hieman pidemmälle.

Hyvää putoamista yhä ylemmäs kohti Korkeinta Voimaa silmät kiinni, mutta sielun silmä apposen auki ja tajunta laajemmalla kankaalla 😉


We can also practise generosity in thoughts. It is often considered that tithing is related to charity solely moneywise. However, it is possible to plant tithing thoughts towards others.

GMCKS’ advice was to tithe 10% in minimum of the income after taxes were reduced. It is said that we have over 60 000 thoughts per day. And the kind of sad news is that 85% of those thoughts are less productive. The good news is that we are in control of our thoughts although some training may be required. But there are no taxes in thoughts: we could all have 100% positive thoughts!

The only “tax” is the karma. If we project our worries and calcified ideas fed by the society and social background towards other people it will only add to our own anxiety and negative energy in the aura. When we wish all the goodness in the world to other people it will boomerang back to us. Double.

The real test lies in being generous to the persons who regularly test our patience. The thoughts tend to stumble there much more often than with the people whom we cherish. The Great Teachers say that when you project something towards an ordinary person it will come back to you at least double. Since there’s no guarantee what slipped across our minds in the past lives it would be a really smart thing to do to rectify the thought patterns A.S.A.P. GMCKS encouraged to generate at least one good thought a day about a person you like less.

However, tithing should not be done in thoughts only. As Finns we are immensely blessed with several things. There’s a schooling system and even financial support is offered if needed, we have clean water and nature, central heating in our houses and excellent transportation system just to name few. I recently heard that in India if you want to really have a seat on the train you have to travel in the first class because even if you paid for the seat in the second class there will still be someone’s butt literally on your face so you can’t sit straight and someone else laying under your bench. So, as we are so blessed (at least in this life) we can afford monetary mercy to the ones who have to pay for schooling, have no clean water even to drink or have to travel far to get it. If you are always tithing tomorrow clean your ajna, basic, solar plexus and heart chakras – now. Guess what the higher teachings say about tithing towards a Spiritual Teacher’s causes? It will profit you at least 10 fold and manifest more rapidly.

You would most likely wish that someone wishes you to be successful. There is a story of American envy and Russian kind of envy. In US, when your neighbour has a bigger car than your family, you strain to get an even bigger one. In Russia, when the night comes one goes and pierces the tyres from his neighbour’s car. The correct behaviour might be to use the neighbour’s new car as an incentive to realise what are the things that you really need in life and begin to bless everybody else with those thoughts. It’s treacherously built into our systems (lucky you if are not one of them!) that if I am not happy no one else should be happy, if someone is rich in something we become jealous without a good cause. The truth is that someone else’s happiness should be part of ours. Instead of realising what we are missing someone’s fortune should make us even happier.

It is quite common to laugh when someone seems (temporarily) dumber than us. Instead we should straight away be blessing that this person will be blessed with divine intelligence. The tendency to laugh at someone else’s misfortune only signals about our own poor self-esteem. By blessing generously whenever, whatever and as frequently as possible we insure the constant flow of blessings to our direction.

GMCKS said that thoughts are the seeds. Let’s invest in the right kinds of seeds so the trees that will grow out of them will be of the likable kind.