Wholesome Spiritual Race

Master Choa Kok Sui said the spiritual development is not a competition. But maybe it could be taken as a spiritual race with our higher self and lower self.

Master Glenn Mendoza lectured about how there is this tiny moment in between choosing the right thing and the not so right thing to react. You basically know what is the correct behaviour (probably most of the time “let the matter pass”), emotion (just hum a couple of OMs) or thought (may person/situation be blessed…). But when the situations come the primary reaction might be too far from the guideline.

The race is a more productive one with yourself and GMCKS did give us tools. Already in Basic Pranic Healing you get a snapshot on the virtues as well as the yin and yang golden rule. The arhatics have a whole arsenal to enhance the control of the higher soul over our lower nature with its flaws and all. We were made I the image of God so we have a seed of that purity within us but it doesn’t grow on its own.

Loving your neighbour as you love yourself can be manifested better. A good competition can be beneficial for the development on many different levels. When you are pushed in a constructive atmosphere (group effort with fellow pranic healers) the challenges tend to be easier to tackle and you can share experiences. Love is much stronger than pride. So let us remember to keep the focus on self growth but also both give a hand and  be ready to receive help on the way to the mountain top.

Enjoy the race!

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