Self-healing tip for the busy bees


They say being ‘too busy’ is a symptom, not an achievement, which is how many people seem to feel these days (me included, I have to admit). ‘I would love to but I’m too busy’ is a common excuse for a lot of things, it even tops the other favourite ‘I can’t afford it’. And yes, there is such a thing as having a lot of things to do, but in the end it is all down to prioritising. And yes, we should all try to calm down and get to a state of zen where we don’t feel busy, so we’d be able to do that prioritising. All in an ideal world.

But while working on that, through Twin Hearts Meditation, self-healing, character building etc, we still have to figure out how to fit all these things into our busy schedule.

I have noticed that trying to do a huuuge self-healing project never works, because ‘you never have time for it’. So, baby steps. One thing at a time.

I have put my healing crystals to good use, and integrated my daily self-healing into my other daily routines. Morning and evening, when I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I programme my seven small extractor crystals to cleanse a selection of chakras/areas. They do their thing while I brush my teeth etc, and when I’m done I remove them, energise the chakras and I’m done!

This also works while cooking etc, but I find that tooth brushing, or shower, works best, as it’s already cleaning, and as I keep the crystals in the bathroom with the salt, it’s the logical place – no moving of tools required!

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