Accept the good that comes to you!

Flickr/Nomadic Lass

I find that a lot of the people on the spiritual path have a real knack for helping others – always willing to give, assist, give advice, lend a helping hand, do what they can. We are always willing to do healing for others, help older people with physically strenuous things they can no longer do themselves, help busy parents with the things they don’t have time for, help friends with knowledge and skills we have and they don’t.

The odd things here is, we’re all very excited about the whole karma thing, we know that when we help other we get help too, but when push comes to shove many seem unwilling to accept the good when it arrives!

I want to point out here that this doesn’t necessarily apply when it comes to something we have wished for specifically, like a new car or a house. But when it comes to the little things, a little extra money, a little help around the house, then we get suspicious. ‘That can’t be it, there must be some catch…’ On this note, I just read a Donald Duck cartoon where an on rich woman wanted to give her extra money (just a simple 10,000€) to someone in need, but everyone, from Donald to Daisy and from Scrooge to Grandma, had varying reasons to suspect the money wasn’t really free, so they refused it and the old woman had to keep her money.

The Universe works in mysterious ways, and yes, sometimes there might be a small catch to the things that pop up in our lives, but I think we could all benefit from the occasional acceptance of a helping hand, someone who offers to do the dishes for us while we’re busy with an seemingly unsurmountable workload, or someone who offers to pay us for that little favour we did for them even though we didn’t ask to get paid. Yes, we might hear about those dishes a umber of times in the future, and we might be asked for a favour again, but what is more important – our pride in not needing anyone’s help, or accepting that we have done a lot for other people and deserve to have others do something for us?

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